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Be more natural and less perfect!

I feel that many of us would love to be more ecological and more able to live in harmony with nature. We want to improve our health and the health of loved ones without the use of unnecessary chemicals.  However, completely avoiding chemical, electromagnetic and energetic pollution or "toxic people" - all of which have a negative impact on our lives, is simply impossible. To exacerbate the problem we are bombarded by the media with information which may - or may not be true. It is therefore really hard to find that peace and harmony we need.

Unless, you leave all your worldly possessions behind, find an island away from civilisation and set up your own community and... And then what? There are communities like this but not all of us are able to do it. Able or prepared to live like that. We may be able to leave "things" behind but what about our friends and families? Is it not just another extreme?

Trying to live in harmony with nature does not need to be difficult or complicated. As long as we except that we are NOT and do NOT need to be PERFECT! Making small changes in the way we shop, cook, clean, eat, exercise, work, deal with people around us and interact with nature could have a massive, positive impact on our wellbeing, health and also on the world we live in. Ok, so, how do we achieve that?

How many times have we heard: "all the informations is at our fingertips". True! You can find anything and everything on the World Wide Web. Allow me to ask you, how long have you spent to look for the perfect Sunday roast lunch or alternative and natural way to deal with a particular health issue? Type anything in the google search and you will get thousands if  not millions of posts. Some more relevant than others. And you can spend hours reading them, comparing them and in the end you do it in the way you always have. What a waste of time.. Time we could spend in a more productive way either with our family or simply breathing, being and enjoying.

Well, finally, I am getting to the point of why I want to write this blog. Here, I would love to share my experience and "know how" about how to be Imperfectly Natural. I will share my tried and tested recipes, along with natural and eco tips for home and garden. I'll tell you about what works and what, for me, did not work out so well. And maybe I will inspire you to just try to be more natural and eco friendly without unnecessary stress or pressure. And during this journey to help you to achieve a better, healthier, more meaningful life whilst preserving our beautiful planet for future generations we will have fun. So, please keep your fingers crossed and be patient with me. This is a first for me too. Enjoy.

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